Discovering the impact your organizational strategy has on Emotional Salary

The Emotional Salary Quick Scan for Leaders is a free tool we have designed that allows you to identify how four key strategic elements in your organisation (Brand, Culture, Leadership and People Management & Development Policies) might be affecting your people’s Emotional Salary.

Why is Emotional Salary important?

Emotional Salary is the non-financial gains or emotional benefits we obtain from working that motivate us, change our perception of work and lead to personal and professional development. It has a huge impact on our motivation, engagement and fulfilment at work. When Emotional Salary is high, this is reflected in team and organisational performance. By understanding what impact your organisational strategy is having, you can take strategic decisions that support the Emotional Salary of your people.

What is the Emotional Salary Quick Scan for Leaders?

The Emotional Salary Quick Scan for Leaders is a brief questionnaire that has been designed for team or organisational leaders. It takes around 5-10 minutes to complete and will give you immediate feedback on those critical factors that are supporting the Emotional Salary of the people in your organization.

Once you have completed the Quick Scan for Leaders you’ll receive a short on-screen report which contains:

  • An overview of how you’re doing in four key strategic areas (Brand, Culture, Leadership & People Management and Development Policies).
  • A breakdown of how you’ve scored in each of the four areas, with information on which particular elements are contributing to that score.

Free Strategy Call

We’ll be in touch with you within 24 hours to schedule a free strategy call where we will discuss:

  • Which factors of Emotional Salary are likely being impacted by your results, both positively and negatively.
  • What you can do to capitalize on and reinforce what is currently working well.
  • What opportunities you may be missing to raise awareness of Emotional Salary within the organization.
  • What needs attention in order to increase the Emotional Salary of your people and some specific action steps you can take.

Why the Quick Scan for Leaders is for you

You will benefit from doing the Free Quick Scan for leaders if:

  • You are looking for new solutions and new perspectives to improve the wellbeing and fulfilment of your Employees.
  • You want to know how different aspects of your strategy and culture might have an impact on your people’s Emotional Salary.
  • You want to know which areas you are doing well in, which areas you need to monitor closely, and which areas you need to take action on right away.
  • You care about the wellbeing of the people in your organization.
  • You believe that your people’s Emotional Salary is a key aspect in creating a  more fulfilling workplace.
  • You want to create a better employee experience in your organization.
  • You need new solutions to the challenges you are facing now.

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Using the information from the Emotional Salary Quick Scan for Leaders

The Quick Scan for Leaders can be used any time. It can help you to:

  • Develop an awareness of what aspects in your organization could be having an impact on  the Emotional Salary of your employees.
  • Be inspired by the information the Emotional Salary yields.
  • Identify the first steps you need to take to transform and improve your employees’ Emotional Salary.
  • Take a more proactive role in identifying opportunities to start redefining your employees’ work experience.

Who is the Quick Scan for Leaders for?

The Emotional Salary Quick Scan for Leaders is designed to be used by a leader of a team or organization who:

  • Wants to better understand which and how different factors in the organization might be having an impact on employees’ Emotional Salary and on what level.
  • Wants to better understand what is missing and where the blind spots are.
  • Would like an action plan that will help them with the first step they need to take in order to start to redefine their people’s work experience.
  • Wants to start thinking more objectively about the areas they can still make improvements to in order to start transforming their employees’ work experience and  thus create a better workplace.