Our Services

We create incredible learning experiences to help people recognise and appreciate the emotional benefits they get from their work and start flourishing at work.

Our Leadership Certification equips managers and leaders with a toolbox of resources they can use with their teams to help them use the power of Emotional Salary to create a winning team culture.

We also work with HR and learning teams to equip them to design and facilitate learning interventions focused on increasing Emotional Salary and benefit from integrating Emotional Salary in their strategies and leadership practices

An Emotional Salary audit will enable you to gain a deeper insight into your people’s Emotional Salary so you can build people strategies that help engage and retain.

Every employee will get a detailed personalised report on their Emotional Salary and how to increase it, empowering them to take responsibility.

You’ll receive an in-depth analysis of the whole picture (without identifying any individuals) with key recommendations for action to improve Emotional Salary.

Whether you want to join our growing international network of registered trainers and coaches or simply want to enhance your knowledge of Emotional Salary, then our Coaches & Trainers Certification Programme is the way to do it.

A certification with us means you will become a licensed Emotional Salary Barometer trainer and coach and be granted a full license to use our Leaders Certification programme and all our other resources

The Emotional Salary Barometer is an online tool that allows you to understand the emotional benefits you currently receive from your work. These emotional benefits have a huge impact on your motivation, productivity and wellbeing at work.

On completion of the Barometer, you will receive a detailed report of your Emotional Salary, together with an action plan with recommendations and exercises to help you take steps to increase your Emotional Salary, enabling you to improve your working life immediately.

Check out our huge range of resources to learn more about Emotional Salary.

Whether you want to introduce the idea of Emotional Salary in a meeting or workshop, understand more about how you can increase your own Emotional Salary or even how to approach a conversation about Emotional Salary with your team or manager, then we have a full range of resources to help.

If you’re a leader, coach or trainer, we also have a selection of ready-to-go workshops with step-by-step guides available to buy.