Marisa Elizundia - Creator of the Emotional Salary Barometer
Meet the Creator – Marisa Elizundia

The idea of creating the Emotional Salary Barometer™ was not born out of a single “Eureka!” moment, as you sometimes see in the movies – if only it were all like that! The idea developed gradually over years of careful observation, many, many conversations and my extensive experience in the field of people development in various companies and multinational organisations.

When I myself started to analyse the reasons why I was working beyond the economic aspect, I realised all the aspects I could see and this realisation and awareness had a huge impact on me. In 2018 I decided to materialise what I had been thinking about. Then began a long journey of creation, research and development to find out what are the non-economic aspects that motivate us, change our perception of work and are a main driver for our personal and professional development. The Emotional Salary Barometer™ was born.

Through the research and creation of the Emotional Salary Barometer™, we have been able to glimpse the full potential of the Emotional Salary as a tool to be taken into account in the process of preparing companies for the Future of Work, and also as an essential aspect to be taken into account in the field of leadership, training, coaching and as a source of analysis on the origin of situations that affect the performance of teams, their development and their leadership.

I have had the privilege of working with many top professionals in psychology, human resources and technology and I am very grateful for their contributions and time. I am grateful to the investors who have placed their trust in my project, which would not have been possible without their support. And I am very grateful to the first people and companies who started their people development projects with the ESB. Their observations opened up new perspectives and helped us to offer the ESB as the unique product it is today.

I would like to highlight the contribution of one person in particular. Her name is Clodagh Beaty. Without her, we would not be where we are today. With her exceptional approach to the very specific needs of collaborators, freelancers and businesses, she has been the compass that every creation needs when it pushes boundaries and opens up a new and different perspective. I could not be more grateful to have had the privilege of working with such an exemplary and wonderful professional.

Our Team

We are a company with an extensive network of ambassadors, trainers and coaches around the world who are dedicated to integrating the concept in their countries and regions with their clients. It is through this network of courageous people that we have been able to develop and grow through their experience, work and ideas.  In this way, we can continue to move forward and have a greater impact on our vision of Redefining Work.

We are deeply proud to have such a wonderful group of experts and that they have placed their trust in us to be our representatives in their countries and regions. Their continued support and confidence has been a constant source of energy and wisdom. They are certified with us, they know all about Emotional Salary, our methodology and our tools.

They are:

Nicoletta Pranzini

Nicoletta is the founder of Grupo Recrea in Chile. She is passionate about people’s wellbeing at work and promoting cultural change for gender equality. She facilitates emotional management in companies in a practical way, creating sustainable change over time.

[email protected]

Anthony Bonilla

CEO of Smart Solutions and Senior Executive Search Consultant. Anthony has over 20 years’ experience leading recruitment and outplacement processes for multinational, local and regional companies. He advises senior management on market benchmarking, profiling, analysis of talent attraction strategies and compensation and benefits packages.

[email protected]

José Gatgens

CEO and founder of Integra 360 and partner of Primer Piso and Sinergia Empresarial. Consultant/Coach, specialist in organisational culture and leadership, wellbeing science, systems thinking, sales, neuroscience. Great lecturer and teacher of the Silva Mental Dynamics method. He has an MBA from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia, Spain and several specialisations, including Neuromanagement, Strategic Management, Motivation and Leadership, among others.

[email protected]

Simona Poletti

Simona is the founder of Ergosum. A consultancy focused on developing people by promoting strategies that improve people’s wellbeing and performance. Simona is an excellent personal and team coach and a great strategist for training and developing people. She specialises in change management, improving communication and relationships, individual leadership development and facilitating talent development.

[email protected]

Elsy Mayer Nova

Elsy is the CEO and founder of Handel Mayer. A company dedicated for 10 years to developing the potential of its clients by designing and implementing quality communication plans that enable them to strengthen their corporate culture. She is a specialist in quality management systems with a humanistic vision that encourages and promotes the participation and growth of human talent. Elsy is convinced of the value that the development of the individual brings to the company and to society when integrated into continuous improvement processes.

[email protected]

Javier Ortiz Marco

Expert in human development, consciousness development and the arts, with extensive and significant corporate experience with important national and international clients. Founder of the Mexican Institute of Psychosynthesis, a psychologist and specialist in human development, Gestalt psychotherapy and group facilitation. His mission in life is to contribute to the integral growth and development of the individual’s consciousness, inside and outside the business world. His extensive experience in the corporate world makes him particularly sensitive to the realities of people in their professional lives. Hence his value as an executive coach in the professional world.

[email protected]

Victor de la Peña

Victor is an expert in human development and his mission is to work with individuals, teams and organisations in the coherence and integration of all the areas in which we move in a coherent way. His approach opens up new perspectives on how to create empathy, foster positive acceptance and promote the development of people in each of the areas in which they work.

[email protected]

Karina Kox Gonzalez

Karina also works with Mariella at Paradero in Peru and is a brand strategy expert with a huge capacity to develop communication strategies for companies to improve their internal communication.

[email protected]

Mariella Hague Pérez

Malle is the CEO of Paradero in Peru. She is a great strategist in business and innovation, a developer of people and organisations, an expert in branding and a great trainer in mindset change.

[email protected]

Brenda Giurolo

Founder of BG Desenvolvimento Comportamental. Brenda is a Specialist in Emotional Intelligence and Mental Health from the CRIAP Institute, in Portugal, an Expert in Communication and Leadership, Post-Graduate in Human Resources Management, Bachelor in Business Administration from the Universidade de Caxias do Sul, with international academic training from the Universidade Católica Portuguesa. She is certified by the Brazilian Coaching Society® in Executive, Business, Personal and Professional Coaching, and as a Behavioural Analyst by PDA International and PSI a&dc technologies, in the United Kingdom.

[email protected]

Lucilene Alende

Lu is a Human Resources Professional and Consultant. Together with Brenda at BG Desenvolvimento Comportamental trabaja para crear un cambio positivo y sostenible en las empresas.

[email protected]

Ana Torralba Barallat

Ana is an expert in creating and driving sustainable positive impact in organisations. She is a systems innovation consultant, positive impact mentor, team coach and great facilitator. Ana is one of our first followers and her contributions are always of great value. We are grateful to have her on our team.

[email protected]

Maite Gomez

Maite is the founding director of the CORAOPS Institute.  She is also the creator of the CORAOPS methodology. In addition, she coaches executives and mentors coaches. From 2007 she has been an innovator in the field of coaching.

[email protected]

Miguel Richante

Miguel is the CEO of the CORAOPS Institute. Miguel delivers exceptional results with tailor-made programmes and services to achieve the goals of teams and organisations. He specialises in creating training, coaching, mentoring, agile, innovation, sales and leadership programmes.

[email protected]

Martín Carrier

Martin is the CEO and founder of Fe. A visionary in the region who challenges businesses to reflect and think seriously. An excellent communicator and catalyst of great ideas. Together with his team, he designs collaborative ecosystems for brands and organisations that add value to people’s lives. 

Creator of disruptive spaces with purpose and clear and measurable objectives. He creates ideas and experiences that mobilise and move. Invents, designs, develops and embraces technology while maintaining the essential human aspect.

[email protected]