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As the leading authority on Emotional Salary and the creators of the Emotional Salary Barometer™, our training and coaching programmes are the perfect solution to support the implementation of Emotional Salary initiatives in your team or organisation.

We have a core offering of programmes, and we can also tailor learning interventions and programmes to your specific requirements.

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Do you want to be a better leader for your team? Understanding the emotional benefits your team gets from their work and learning how to use this information to positively influence team culture is an essential skill for 21st-century leaders. Our 18-hour programme, available in different formats, will equip you with a toolbox of questions, exercises, and activities that you can use with team members to create a positive work environment where your team can thrive and adapt to future challenges.

During the programme we will explore how each of the 10 Emotional Salary factors relates to our work, why they are part of an individual’s Emotional Salary and how they benefit individuals, the team and the organisation. We will examine the typical behaviours you may see in your team when each of the factors is affected, and the leadership skills needed to create a positive team culture. We’ll help you to formulate a strategic action plan to introduce the concept of Emotional Salary in your team, providing you with a conversation framework and activities you can use with your team.

The practical approach of this programme will help you develop the knowledge and confidence you need to create a high performing team whilst maintaining high levels of fulfilment and wellbeing.

Do your employees recognise the emotional benefits that they get from their work? Exploring the 10 factors of Emotional Salary can help employees to understand exactly what motivates them to do their best work. This awareness of what is important to them helps them to understand their relationship with their work on a deeper level. It can empower and encourage them to take a greater degree of responsibility for their career. It will also give them a powerful framework they can use to have meaningful discussions about their work and career with their colleagues and their manager.

During this six-hour programme we will explore how each of the 10 Emotional Salary factors shows up for the participants day to day. We’ll look at some practical ways they can increase each of the factors and how they can approach conversations with their manager about their work and career. At the end of the programme the participants will have a detailed Action Plan to increase their Emotional Salary.

This programme is also available as part of an Emotional Salary Audit, where we can also offer group coaching sessions to help employees utilise the information in the Emotional Salary Barometer™ Report.

How often do you have career conversations with your team members? Career conversations are the foundation for exceptional leadership. They are the difference between being an average manager and an outstanding one. Lack of career development opportunities are one of the biggest issues when it comes to retention. Your team members need to know that you are invested in them and their career. Having regular career conversations demonstrates to your team that you care what is important to them and you will help and support them to get to where they want to be in their career.

This programme will help you to improve the career conversations you have with your team so you can improve motivation, engagement and performance. It is delivered either as a one-day masterclass or a 30-day programme with a short video and worksheet every day so you can select the format that works best for you.

As a trainer, coach or Learning & Development professional working inside an organisation, a certification with us has many benefits. Aside from gaining the knowledge and resources to deliver learning interventions focused on Emotional Salary, you will be able to differentiate yourself from other professionals and gain the skills and confidence you need to integrate Emotional Salary coaching and training into your professional portfolio. Following successful completion of the programme, you will become a licensed Emotional Salary Barometer™ trainer and coach and be granted a full license to use our Leaders Certification programme.

During this 30-hour programme, we will explore how each of the 10 Emotional Salary factors relates to our work and how they benefit individuals, the team and the organisation and why they contribute to what is known as Emotional Salary. We will look at related behavioural and verbal cues for each of the factors, the inter-relationships between them and different leadership skills that impact Emotional Salary. We’ll equip you with a ready-to-go toolbox of questions, exercises, and activities that you can use immediately with your clients or use as a basis to design your own learning and coaching interventions.

You’ll also have the opportunity to run a pilot with a team or organisation using the Emotional Salary Barometer™ having our full coaching and mentoring throughout the whole process.