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The Emotional Salary Barometer


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What is Emotional Salary?

Emotional Salary is the non-financial gains we obtain from working that motivate us, change our perception of work and lead to personal and professional development.


Emotional Salary will be different for each individual. For some, the most important aspect of working may be the opportunity to socialise and make friends at work, whilst for others, this may not be important at all and having the opportunity to become an expert in their chosen field or maximise their creativity will be what they value most.

What is The Emotional Salary Barometer?

The ESB is an online tool which measures the Emotional Salary of a working individual (whether employed or freelance). It generates an individual report detailing the Emotional Salary of that individual, together with a plan on how to increase it.

Our Mission

We want to transform the perception of work by supporting individuals and organisations in recognising the importance of Emotional Salary and its profound impact on organisational performance and employee wellbeing.

The Emotional Salary Barometer far exceeded our expectations and provided a common language to start honest dialogues about our emotions. Based on this accurate emotional diagnosis that brought together everyone’s feelings, we committed ourselves to continuously creating spaces to improve the emotional salary, acting based on these recommendations and continuing to promote well-being within our company, to measure at 6 months again our emotional salary and check the evolution. On the other hand, it allowed us to become aware of the co-responsibility that the emotional salary implies, which requires the commitment of each person, the leaders, and the organization.

To cite a specific example, we became aware that the emotional signature of our company is enjoyment, and that the belonging factor was well below enjoyment, when they are often factors that go hand in hand. This dissonance led us to consider, as a group, developing simple but effective actions such as instances of weekly meetings with the aim of taking the inspiration and belonging of the entire team to another higher level. We know that through these instances, and taking action on other opportunities that the Emotional Salary Barometer made us glimpse, we can enhance the organization’s creativity to another level. And along the way, as a domino effect, strengthen our direction, purpose and personal growth through these actions. The Emotional Salary is awakening very interesting possibilities for all of us.

Martin Carrier

Founder - FE Think Studio

I was invited to respond to the “Emotional Salary Barometer” when I thought that the feedback I would receive from it would be exclusively aimed at providing me with an “indicator” of how satisfied or dissatisfied I was in my work environment and my surprise was immense when I received a deep, in-depth questioning regarding the meaning I am giving to my existence and how congruent I am being with it in the way I live my life, as well as with respect to my fidelity to my inner rhythm and harmony. Thank you very much, Emotional Salary Barometer, for this invaluable gift of life.

Alberto José Segrera Tapia

Universidad Iberoamericana

Answering the Emotional Salary Barometer was a very enlightening experience of my current situation. In the middle of the pandemic period, it makes even more sense to see how my work transcends and contributes to my personal and professional development.

The barometer is a very friendly, approachable, easy to answer and quick measurement tool. Its deliverables are clear and the most important thing is that they reflect your reality in the here and now, along with proposing a brief, executive and achievable action and improvement plan.

Absolutely recommendable and necessary as an instrument to manage in these on-line moments, and to have a 360º view of job satisfaction and evaluate the benefits and emotional/personal gains of our work.

Maria Angelica Zulic Guzman

Business Director, CEO, Business Advisor, Mentor, Executive Coach

“Wow, this was so spot on! In reading the different factors, and the ‘benefits’ and ‘things to be aware’ of – wow! Very insightful, and relatable. The process itself was easy and enjoyable – didn’t take too long, wasn’t too dense. Now let’s see what I do with it!”

Doris Dobre

Senior Director, Business Transformation

As a newbie entrepreneur working from home whilst raising 3 kids, I show up every day to create something valuable for my clients. To do so, I need to bring my whole self to work and to do that requires attitude, authenticity and awareness. It wasn’t until I met Marisa and completed her Emotional Salary Barometer that I found an accurate definition of this key element, which I had been cultivating “in the shadow”.


Marisa encouraged me to take the Barometer she and her team had developed based on vast research data analysis. I must admit I was reluctant at first, since I thought that this “salary” was just for employees of big (dehumanised) companies. To my surprise it helped me better understand what I deeply value, what is missing and where my blind spots are. I received a comprehensive report with tangible data, metrics and practical tips of where there is room for improvement.


From now on I have a reliable tool to measure and manage my emotional salary together with the ownership of increasing it. I have no doubt that as this tool lifted me, it can lift others as well.

Ana Torralba Barallat

Sustainability Practitioner & Coach