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About The Emotional Salary Barometer

Following careers in organisational and people development, we know from first-hand experience that people rarely leave a job for financial reasons alone. We also know that many people don´t always recognise what they value most from their work until its gone.


For this reason, we decided to research those purely emotional benefits that people obtain from working which are non-financial. After hundreds of interviews, focus groups and running an international research pilot, we created the ESB.


The ESB is an online tool, currently available in English or Spanish, which measures the following 10 factors, together with their relative importance to the individual, to give a comprehensive picture of their Emotional Salary:

The 10 Factors We Measure

The Emotional Salary Barometer - Autonomy Icon

Autonomy: The opportunity to have freedom in a work context, in which the person feels respected and trusted as a competent individual who is provided with the space to choose and manage their own organisational style, projects, and time on a basis that is congruent with their own values.

The Emotional Salary Barometer - Belonging Icon

Belonging: Having a sense of connection with the team, organisation or peers. Being acknowledged, appreciated, valued and identified with the role that is played within the work system.

The Emotional Salary Barometer - Creativity Icon

Creativity: The opportunity for exploration, development and expression of original, different and/or innovative ways of doing things, allowing personalisation of work.

The Emotional Salary Barometer - Direction Icon

Direction: The opportunity to view, create and choose a career path, together with the ability to make and contribute to decisions that affect your career.

The Emotional Salary Barometer - Enjoyment Icon

Enjoyment: The opportunity to experience pleasure and diversion and have relaxed, respectful, trusting and authentic social interactions that allow for spontaneity, appropriate humour and play.

The Emotional Salary Barometer - Inspiration Icon

Inspiration: The opportunity to be aligned with a person´s most profound values which generates connection with a sense of possibility and direction towards the best possible work.

The Emotional Salary Barometer - Mastery Icon

Mastery: The opportunity to gain a deeper understanding, finesse and knowledge over time in order to excel, gain greater expertise and an awareness of the subtleties of a profession.

The Emotional Salary Barometer - Personal Growth Icon

Personal Growth: The opportunity to gain self-awareness, learn from mistakes, become more reflective and flexible and learn from the work environment to develop those qualities that make us better human beings.

The Emotional Salary Barometer - Professional Growth Icon

Professional Growth: The opportunity to develop talents, skills and abilities through exposure to stimulating work and social opportunities such as peer exchange, mentoring and supervision whilst being able to reflect on and learn from mistakes.

The Emotional Salary Barometer - Purpose Icon

Purpose: Having a sense of ownership and significance derived from work and feeling that it contributes to your greater purpose and that of the organisation.

The Report


Following completion of the ESB, each individual will have the opportunity to download a confidential detailed report (in English or in Spanish).


The report includes the following information:-


  • A description of Emotional Salary, together with an overall score obtained by the individual and an interpretation of what that score means.
  • A breakdown of Emotional Salary by factor, including
    • a definition of the factor
    • a score for each factor that provides information about what this is likely to mean for the individual
    • an analysis of why that factor is important and how important it is for the individual based on responses given in the questionnaire
    • information about those aspects to take into account in relation to each factor
    • advice on how to increase each factor of Emotional Salary
  • A personalised action plan that includes a detailed analysis of the individual´s scores for each factor and the relative importance for the individual to enable them to identify which actions they need to take immediately in relation to their Emotional Salary.

You will receive your own personalised copy of the Emotional Salary Barometer detailing your Emotional Salary and providing advice on how you can increase it

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