Building a Strong Foundation Culture

This is your opportunity to co-create with your team a culture that reflects the team’s values and ensures that your team is motivated, performing to its full potential and is a source of inspiration for other teams in the organization.

The results you’ll get from this Guide

This ready to use workshop guide contains all the information, materials and a step-by-step guide to lead a series of workshops (in person or virtually) to:

  • Identify  how your team’s  culture is functioning at the moment and the impact this is having on the team’s performance and interactions at various levels;
  • Identify what the team has learnt from the challenges it has faced over the past year, how it affected its culture and ensure that the positive and negative aspects are taken into account to move forward;
  • Use this  information to start co creating and designing your team’s desired culture.

Map out the exact steps that you and the team need to take to turn the desired culture in the team into a reality.

Why this Guide is for you

You will benefit from this resource if:

  • You are looking for a way to encourage your team to take responsibility for the current culture the team has;
  • You care about the culture that is lived in the team;
  • You want to know your team’s viewpoint and generate new ideas to achieve your goals;
  • You would like to maximize the collective emotional intelligence of the team to boost your business;
  • You want to reflect on what you have learnt as a team from the challenges you have faced and use this to create a better team culture;
  • You want to unite your team towards the same goal and purpose;
  • You want to co-create a positive working environment together with your team;
  • You would benefit from a clear pathway to help you create your team’s desired future.

About Us

This guide has been developed by The Emotional Salary Barometer® team. We have over 25 years’ experience in people development, training, facilitation and coaching. We have worked in multinational organisations across different sectors, industries and countries. Our professional focus is on helping leaders and organisations to create workplaces where people thrive and are the main pillar in achieving strategic business objectives. This, together with helping organisations to develop their people, has been the main focus of our business.

Using this Guide

This guide can be used any time. It can help to unite the team and encourage it to use its collective strength for a certain objective.

It is particularly beneficial when the team has faced a difficult or challenging situation (such as the current pandemic) and you want to capture what has been learned from the situation and understand how this can help you face the future with new ideas, momentum and motivation and thus, generate the perfect ground for a new team culture to flourish.

This guide is designed to be used by anyone who is leading a team or supporting the leader of a team (professional facilitators, trainers or coaches or HR, L&D or people and culture professionals within an organization).

What this Guide includes


The workshop guide includes:


  • An activity to introduce the concept of team culture and all its facets and interactions,  which can be done in a team setting or by each individual team member outside of the workshop setting;
  • A warm-up activity to get the team thinking about the 8 culture styles and their experience in any of these styles within or outside the organization;
  • An activity to explore what the team has learnt about their culture during recent challenges and how it has impacted the way they work and interact with one another;
  • An activity to explore how the team perceives what their culture is at the current time and what the impact or outcome of that culture is;
  • An activity to co-create the team’s desired culture and its desired outcomes;
  • An activity to create an action plan to ensure the team’s desired culture becomes a reality.


All the activities come with full instructions and digital and printable materials to run the activities in a face to face or virtual setting.


The workshops have been designed to be completely flexible and can be run in a number of different ways:


  • As a whole day workshop, or separate workshops;
  • As part of the team’s regular meetings;
  • Virtually, in person, or a mixture of both.


The workshop guide also includes our free guidance and support on how best to run the different activities in your team.


For an additional cost, we can also lead the workshop for you. Please contact us for further details.