Take the ESB and get your personalised Report and Action Plan

The Emotional Salary Barometer is a unique tool that allows you, in a very easy way, to understand the emotional benefits you receive from working and how you can use this information to improve your working life immediately. These benefits have a huge impact on your motivation, productivity and wellbeing at work. Upon purchase of the Emotional Salary Barometer, you will:


  • Become aware of those factors that constitute Emotional Salary
  • Become aware of your current Emotional Salary
  • Recognise the importance you give to each of the factors that constitute Emotional Salary
  • Start to recognise situations where your Emotional Salary is high or low


From the personalised Report and Action Plan you will:


  • Be inspired by the useful tips and ideas on how to develop or increase those individual factors that make up your Emotional Salary
  • Develop an awareness of what you gain from working that is unique to you
  • Know where to start to change your relationship with your work
  • Take a more proactive role in valuing what you have and identifying opportunities to redefine your work


Discover how to get more from the time you spend at work.


The price of the ESB is only 20€*


*Prices may vary due to regional taxes

You will receive your own personalised copy of the Emotional Salary Barometer detailing your Emotional Salary and providing advice on how you can increase it