Emotional Salary is the non-financial or emotional gains we obtain from working that motivate us, change our perception of work and lead to personal and professional development.

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Building a Strong Foundation for a High Performing Team

A Process and Activities to create a “Better Normal” for Your Team.

This pack contains a step-by-step guide together with all the materials and detailed instructions to run four workshops (in person or virtually) which will enable you and your team to:

  • Identify what the team has learnt about how they’ve worked during the Covid-19 situation and ensure that the positive and negative aspects are considered to help you move forward in the right direction;
  • Explore how effective the team feels they are now;
  • Understand what needs to change to enable the team to increase its effectiveness to achieve its goals in the future; and
  • Map out the exact steps that you and the team need to take, ensuring that action is taken.


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