ESB Employee Benefits

The ESB can help you to recognise exactly what is most important to you in your work. This will enable you to:-


  • take these factors into account when making decisions about changing your role within the organisation you currently work or outside it.
  • have more productive conversations with your manager, colleagues or team about your role and how it can develop considering your Emotional Salary.

How it works

You can complete the ESB once and receive a detailed report of your Emotional Salary, together with detailed recommendations of how to increase it, at the time you take the ESB.


For more information about what is included in the report see here.

You will receive your own personalised copy of the Emotional Salary Barometer detailing your Emotional Salary and providing advice on how you can increase it

Why is the ESB important now?

Work has shaped our lives for centuries and will continue to do so in the future. However, digitalisation and other socio-technological modifications will lead to a redesign of work as we know it and will have a huge impact on us. We need to be prepared for this professionally and emotionally.


In the near future organisations will be redesigned and the traditional employee model is likely to change. We will find ourselves working in organisations as external contributors, contractors and partners. We will be integrated in virtual and fluid teams with flatter hierarchies. Our boundaries in relation to location, space and time will need to be adjusted to reflect the global environment. In order to face these challenges, we will need to be adaptable, flexible and highly skilled.


With the ESB we want to shift the perception of work as a power for transformation at a personal, organisational and societal level to prepare us to meet the challenges we´ll face in the future.