The Report

Following completion of the ESB, each individual will have the opportunity to download a confidential detailed report (in English or in Spanish).


The report includes the following information:-


  • A description of Emotional Salary, together with an overall score obtained by the individual and an interpretation of what that score means.
  • A breakdown of Emotional Salary by factor, including
    • a definition of the factor
    • a score for each factor that provides information about what this is likely to mean for the individual
    • an analysis of why that factor is important and how important it is for the individual based on responses given in the questionnaire
    • information about those aspects to take into account in relation to each factor
    • advice on how to increase each factor of Emotional Salary
  • A personalised action plan that includes a detailed analysis of the individualĀ“s scores for each factor and the relative importance for the individual to enable them to identify which actions they need to take immediately in relation to their Emotional Salary.