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Facing Challenges at Work

Have you had a terrible day at work? Or maybe you’ve had a few bad weeks at work? Or even months? Are you frustrated or unmotivated by the challenges you have to face for work reasons? If so, congratulations! You are a normal person. Obstacles and challenges at work are normal and I wish I could promise that they will disappear completely. We have all been there: the client cancels a project, our partner does not recognize the work done, our boss is far from being a person to admire or a colleague is unkind to us.

According to our experience when we have a bad experience at work, this experience tends to permeate everything we do in a negative way. For that reason it is essential to ask ourselves the following questions:

  1. What exactly is bothering me emotionally? Is it the lack of professional growth? The lack of a sense of belonging? The lack of a sense of direction at work? Learn to distinguish precisely what is bothering you. This will help you to identify the factor that is bothering you and will help you find the best solution to face it.
  2. Within all the possibilities that I have in this situation, how do I choose to react? What decisions do I have to make? What skills can I learn? Who can help me? Which tools might help me? Once I can write all the possibilities that I have in hand, it will be easier for me to start to change something.
  3. What do I want to start with? Of the possibilities that I wrote, which one do I choose to start with? Which is the one that is easiest to implement and that will cause the greatest impact to get me out of the situation I am in? If we do not make our decisions, someone else will do it for us. We better start taking the reins of our jobs and our work destiny.
  4. Can I live with the consequences of that solution? This may be one of the parts that we are least used to doing. To be able to live with the consequences of our decisions. For this reason, it is not only important to write down the possibilities we have but also to write the consequences that we will face if we take that decision.

Apart from many good things work offers us, it also offers difficult situations that allow us to always be alert and in search of something that makes us grow and makes us better people. If we start to see work and these situations as opportunities, we could start little by little to create the work we want. I’m not saying it’s easy (it’s not), but everything that’s worth it requires a lot of work.

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